Where Else is MarCELL Helping
to Monitor What Matters?

MarCELL started as a solution for Seasonal Homeowners to monitor their vacant properties, and its usefulness has quickly expanded into more areas. There are many types of property that can be protected by MarCELL’s 24/7 temperature, humidity, power monitoring; and owners have found the small investment is more than worth the peace of mind in knowing their valued asset is safe.


Marinas & Yacht Owners

Whether you need to monitor just one vacant boat or a whole marina of them, MarCELL is a simple and affordable solution for protecting your valuable investment that is vulnerable to power outages, extreme temperature changes and water leaks.


Wine ColLectors

Oenophiles know the importance of maintaining the ideal temperature in their wine cellar: temperature change is hard on a bottle of wine. Even if the temperature fluctuates up or down only several degrees, wines can be compromised and may age prematurely. Using MarCELL to monitor your cellars’ temperature and humidity gives you a peace of mind when it comes to protecting and enjoying your wine collection.



In the Spring of 2018, Sensored Life was contacted by a Florida paramedic who had lost thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies due to a power failure inside the ambulance which led to soaring temperatures. MarCELL is now being used by Florida Ambulance Drivers, to prevent this type of disaster, by monitoring the truck’s interior environment.



Horse Trailers, Barns, Sheds, Green Houses, Artist Studios… just some of the valuable assets that can be protected by MarCELL’s 24/7 temperature, humidity, power monitoring.