Camp Addict’s Story

One of the many applications of the MarCELL monitoring device is to help keep pets safe from extreme temperatures. Camp Addict shared their experience on how MarCELL saved their pets when traveling in an RV.

All campers and pet owners know that a hot RV can be life-threatening to your furry friends. Kelly from Camp Addict shares how MarCELL saved her dog, Gizmo in her RV. After (thankfully) never having a temperature scare, MarCELL was initially used for peace of mind and temperature monitoring, until one day she forgot to turn on the air conditioner…

“As of June 20th, 2020, MarCELL has (potentially) officially saved both my dogs’ lives! I left to go to the hardware store, forgetting that I had shut off the AC, UGH! I ALSO happened to forget to vent my RV, which I ALWAYS do on a hot day when I have to rely on the AC to keep things cool (In Florida in at the moment). Well, I got a notification that it was 93 degrees in my RV. Rushed home to an RV that was 96 degrees. Had I stayed out for a couple more hours, my girls may have died or been extremely heat stressed. Yes, I have changed the warning temp to a much lower temp. THANK YOU, MARCELL!”

This is a story that can happen to anyone, even the most careful of pet owners. Instances out of your control such as power outages or a broken AC when you’re not there can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Even without power, MarCELL runs on a backup battery to alert you no matter what.

Thank you, Kelly for sharing your experience. MarCELL cares about keeping your pets safe by monitoring their environment when you’re not there. Install in your home, boat, RV or vacation home to monitor conditions and prevent the unthinkable when it comes to leaving your furry friends behind.

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