Coyote Creek’s Story

MarCELL provides investment property owners with around-the-clock alerts for temperature, humidity, power, and water conditions for their properties. Peter from Coyote Creek Holdings is an investment property owner, utilizing MarCELL monitoring devices and accessories on his many properties.

He has found great success in the wireless SPuck water sensor that works with the MarCELL to detect water leaks and flooding. Peter uses the SPuck to monitor the bathrooms and basements of his properties for water damage. The temperature monitoring feature has also saved him on multiple occasions:

“While a house was listed for sale, an agent or buyer turned off the furnace. Had I not been notified that the temperature dropped I would have never known. Another time, I had some plumbing work done and the plumber forgot to turn the boiler back on. Again I was notified before any damage occurred and could get to the property to turn the heat on.”

You don’t have to be an investment property owner to benefit from a MarCELL device. Flooding and temperature changes can happen to any homeowner. Investing in MarCELL monitoring devices provides peace of mind that your property is safe no matter where you are.