MarCELL for Data Centers

Reliable Server Room & Data Center Monitoring

Ensure optimal server performance by accurately monitoring the conditions that affect your server room’s environment. Know immediately when these conditions become critical to your server room equipment and be able to take preventive action before damage is done.

Monitor Server Room Temperature

Sudden fluctuations in server room temperature can indicate issues that you want to know about. Protect your server racks from excessive heat generation, failures in cooling systems and circulation fans by monitoring your server room’s environment in real-time with MarCELL.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

Ideal humidity levels in a server room range between 30 and 60% rH. If humidity is too high, then you run the risk of condensation buildup ruining your IT equipment. When humidity is too low, excess static electricity can cause severe damage to important server components.

Get Instant Alerts When There's a Problem

In the event that temperature and humidity exceed preset thresholds or power is lost, MarCELL will notify you immediately with an alert by text, email, or call. Avoid minor threats from turning into expensive, time consuming problems.

Safeguard Your Server Room with MarCELL

  • Monitor ambient temperature and humidity around the clock
  • Maintain optimal server room environments for best performance
  • Know when power goes out as well as when power is restored

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