MarCELL for Greenhouses

Maintain optimal conditions for healthy, growing plants

Monitoring and controlling greenhouse environments is essential for healthy, sustainable greenhouse inventory. MarCELL helps you accurately track measure conditions that affect plant growth, such as temperature and humidity, and alerts you the moment these conditions become critical to your plants’ health.

Monitor Greenhouse Temperature

Ideal temperatures inside a greenhouse range between 80°F to 85°F. Extreme fluctuations in temperature conditions can damage or kill your plants within hours. MarCELL provides 24/7 temperature monitoring, helping you maintain the best possible growing environments for your plants.

The Effects of Greenhouse Humidity

High humidity and excess moisture pose a serious threat to your greenhouse inventory. Too much humidity in the air leads to bacteria and mold growth, resulting in plant disease and pest issues. With MarCELL, you can monitor relative humidity levels inside your greenhouse and receive alerts when these conditions become harmful to your plants.

Safeguard Your Greenhouse

  • Monitor greenhouse temperature, humidity, and power
  • Maintain proper conditions for healthy, growing plants
  • Know when power outages and equipment failures affect greenhouse environments

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