The Most Effective Way to Monitor Your Home While You’re Not There!

Do you wish you had a reliable way to control your home’s temperature and humidity levels at all times?


MarCELL monitors and records the temperature, power, humidity of your home or property, all without the use of on-site phone or internet connection

  • Instant notification: Receive custom emails, phone calls and text alerts when conditions are out of safe ranges

  • Simple Set Up: Easy, convenient installation so you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your time away

  • Protects Your Home At All Times: Reliable, real-time monitoring that prevents drastic changes in temperature levels


The Cellular Advantage

  • Offers an Independent and Reliable Cellular Connection

  • Continues to operate in a power outage

  • Less expensive than monthly Wi-Fi fees.

  • Not susceptible to Wi-Fi hiccups or remote hacking

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We love our MarCELL unit! It has already saved us at our cabin in rural Northern Wisconsin. If not for MarCELL, we would have frozen pipes and significant damage when our (new) furnace failed.