MarCELL for Homeowners

Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Home is Protected

For many individuals and families, owning a vacation property is a dream come true. The memories created in your cabin in the woods, lakeside cottage, beach house or home-away-from-home are priceless and last a lifetime. MarCELL was designed with the simple idea that protecting your treasured property in the off season should be simple and affordable.

Protect Against Extreme Temperature & Humidity

An air conditioning failure in a Florida condo over the summer months will lead to soaring temperatures and high humidity that can quickly result in toxic mold growth. Critically low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and ultimately burst.

Avoid Damage From Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, your home’s heating and cooling systems will not operate properly. MarCELL detects power outages in real-time and sends an instant alert so you can take appropriate action before damage is done. It will then continue to monitor the environment for up to 48 hours using an integrated battery backup.

Avoid Water Leaks & Excess Flooding

Every year one in six heating systems breakdown due to maintenance issues or loss of power. This can quickly lead to burst pipes and thousands of dollars in water damage.

Safeguard Your Home With MarCELL

  • Monitor ambient temperature and humidity inside your home
  • Maintain safe and comfortable living environments
  • Be alerted when power goes out as well as when power is restored
  • Detect water leaks and excess flooding

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