MarCELL for Livestock

Maintain Optimal Living Conditions for Healthy Livestock

Monitoring environment conditions is key to keeping your livestock healthy and maximizing yield. MarCELL monitors and reports temperature, humidity and power loss, and alerts you immediately when these conditions become life-threatening issues.

Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations can be devastating to the health and well-being of your animals. MarCELL tracks changes in temperature and humidity in real-time and sends you an alert via text, call or email if these conditions exceed or fall below preset safe ranges.

Detect Power Outages & Equipment Failures

In the event that power is lost and critical equipment fails, your livestock’s living environments will be compromised. This can be have devastating implications if gone unnoticed. MarCELL is able to detect power outages at the source, so you can intervene and keep your livestock living safe and comfortable in optimal conditions.

Safeguard Your Livestock with MarCELL

  • Monitor temperature and humidity environments around the clock
  • Maintain optimal living environments for your livestock
  • Know when power is lost or valuable equipment fails

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