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Monitor What Matters with MarCELL®

Protecting your treasured property should be simple, mindless and affordable. MarCELL monitors the conditions that matter, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

  • Track Temperature & Humidity
  • Monitor Power Status
  • Detects Water Leaks with the SPuck

Customized Alerts

Receive instant alerts when conditions reach critical levels.

Intuitive Dashboard

View data logs and update your preferences at anytime.

Cellular Connected

Powered by the nation's most reliable cellular networks.

Backup Battery

Continues to operate in power outages for up to 48 hours.

How It Works

Detect Critical Temperature & Humidity Conditions

Receive instant alerts the moment indoor temperature and humidity levels become a threat to your home and assets.

Be Aware of Power Outages & Equipment Failures

You will know the second your home loses power while MarCELL continues to monitor the environment.

Avoid Expensive Damage Caused By Extreme Weather Conditions

If gone unnoticed, extreme temperature and humidity can result in frozen and bursted pipes, excess moisture, mold and mildew growth.

Use Historic Data to make more informed decisions

Use our intuitive dashboard to view your temperature and humidity readings at anytime.

The Cellular Advantage

MarCELL communicates to its servers over the nation’s largest cellular networks. It is superior to similar Wi-Fi based systems for many reasons:

  • Can be used anywhere there is a cellular signal
  • Continues to operate in a power outage
  • Less expensive than monthly Wi-Fi fees.
  • Not susceptible to Wi-Fi hiccups or remote hacking

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What Our Customers Say

‘With hundreds of properties to monitor, our favorite feature with MarCELL is that it will alert us if any of our homes’ temperatures and humidity reach a low threshold’

Interlaken Homeowners Association

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