MarCELL for Pet Owners

Ensure Your Pet's Safety While You're Away

Leaving your furry friends behind is never an easy thing to do. While you’re gone, you may worry about their comfort and safety. With MarCELL, you can keep a constant eye on your pet’s living environment and know how they’re doing at all times. 

Pet Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

MarCELL monitors the conditions that affect your pet’s environment, such as temperature and humidity. If these conditions become critical to your pet’s health, you will be notified immediately. So when you’re not around, you can be sure they are always safe from harm.

Protect Your Pets from Heat Exhaustion

Dogs and cats are more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity than we are. They can suffer irreversible organ damage or death once their core temperatures exceed 106 degrees. Don’t let this happen! 

The Cellular Advantage

While you’re on-the-go, you may not always have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. MarCELL uses an independent 4G cellular network to transmit data, and can be used anywhere there is a cellular signal.

Safeguard Your Pets with MarCELL

  • Monitor indoor temperature and humidity around the clock
  • Maintain safe and comfortable living environments for your pets
  • Know when power goes out as well as when power is restored
  • Get alerts when conditions reach critical levels

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