MarCELL has been receiving excellent reviews from Property Managers such as Interlaken Homeowners Association of Lake Geneva, WI, because it helps keep properties safe by monitoring the temperature, humidity, and power in real-time.


Owners or managers receive immediate alerts (via text, phone or email) if the power goes out or the temperature or humidity ranges they choose are exceeded. Monitoring even hundreds of properties is made easy when you have MarCELL placed in your units.

We needed something to help monitor low temperatures during the winter watch months. Before MarCELL we used low temperature thermometers in the windows. With hundreds of properties to monitor, our favorite feature with MarCELL is that it will alert us if any of our homes’ temperatures reach a low threshold. We also appreciate having a historical record of the temperature for each home.
— Property Manager, Interlaken Homeowners Association

In addition, the Water SPuck helps prevent expensive property disasters, such as when water damage happens in a multi-level condo, the damage can easily multiply and effect several owners besides the one who had the original issue.  Receiving an alert right away about a water leak at one of your properties can be invaluable.

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