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MarCELL is a reliable solution for remotely monitoring your RV's environment and protecting your pets at the same time

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Monitoring your RV's environment is critical, especially if you travel with pets. You may worry about leaving them behind, even for short trips away from the vehicle. RVs, like most vehicles, can heat up rapidly if parked without an AC running. External power from RV parks are subject to power glitches and outages and not all RV heating and AC systems will reset themselves correctly in the event of a power issue. When this happens, it can leave pets trapped in a lethal environment. 

Protect your RV and pets at the same time! Cold temperatures can cause water pipes to break, while extreme heat will cause damage to the RV as well as any valuables inside. This makes it difficult to leave your RV without requiring a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out for you.

We have finally found a reliable method of monitoring the temperature!

We’ve traveled with our dog, Riley, all over the country in our Airstream. We had been searching since we started traveling for a good solution to monitor the temperature when we needed to leave Riley behind in the RV.

Before MarCELL, the best thing we came up with is a dog monitor app which meant we left one of our phones behind in the RV and placed a digital thermometer in view of the phone! Ha! Very much a rigged situation and it left us checking our phone every 10 minutes and squinting to make out what the digital thermometer said.

Having MarCELL makes traveling with a dog so much easier!

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Features & Benefits


monitors temperature, humidity and power status for you

The set up is simple, with an intuitive interface that allows you to set your own temperature and humidity ranges. You can also download our smart phone app for easy access on the go.

Protects Your Pets from Heat Exhaustion

Temperatures in a parked RV or van can rise 40 degrees or more in a short period of time. Dogs and cats can suffer irreversible organ damage or death once their core temperatures exceed 106 degrees. MarCELL helps protect your pets from harm.


Offers an Independent and Reliable Cellular Connection

MarCELL communicates to our servers over the nation's largest cellular network (no WiFi connection required). So no matter where your adventures take you, you have a reliable way to make sure your pets are safe in your RV while you are out exploring. Simply select one of our subscription plans which start at $8.25/month with no long-term contracts required.

Instant Notifications + Multiple Alerts

MarCELL is able to send out notifications via text, email and phone to whomever you designate. You can choose multiple alert methods (i.e email and text) as well as multiple contacts (i.e. phone call to spouse and text to yourself), so your pet and RV's safety is ensured. You also have an option to check temperature and humidity levels instantly from any smart phone, with our Instant Update bundles.


Helps Prevent Water Damage

Water leaks are easily monitored with the addition of the MarCELL connected Water SPuck.

No Power / No Problem

MarCELL contains an internal battery backup so it will also let you know the moment power goes out. So if campground supplied power to your RV is lost or a circuit breaker pops, you will receive an instant notification. Then MarCELL will continue to monitor temperature and humidity during the outage as well as let you know when power is restored.


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Clients Say...


“Worked well and was easy to set up. Notified me of a power failure in my RV the first day I used it. My dogs are also grateful! Much more reliable than WiFi systems.” —Hogryder

“I've been using this for several months in an RV and I'm very happy with it. Because it checks the status of your RV every ten seconds, you will receive an alarm very quickly if there is a problem. I don't feel the need to check it as often as I did my old alarm. I did a lot of research and this one was the most reasonably priced.” —CM


“Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition. Saved my cats life. I'm a full time RVer in Florida.” —Amazon Customer

We use this item in our RV. It gives us peace of mind when we leave our dogs alone. I like that it does not need any additional external connectivity since that is not available everywhere we might park our home on wheels.”

“I really like this system. It makes me feel more secure if I need to leave my pets in our 5th wheel for an hour or two. Definitely recommend if you camp with your pets!” —Deborah M.