MarCELL for RV Travelers

Protect Your RV and Pets At the Same Time!

Monitoring your RV’s environment is critical, especially if you travel with your beloved pets. You may worry about leaving them behind, even for short trips away from the vehicle. MarCELL monitors the temperature and humidity inside your RV, and alerts you the moment these conditions become dangerous for your pets. 

Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Extreme heat and humidity will cause damage to your RV as well as any valuables inside. This makes it difficult to leave your RV without requiring a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out for you. 

Protect Your Pets From Heat Exhaustion

Temperatures in a parked RV or van can rise 40 degrees or more in a short period of time. Dogs and cats can suffer irreversible organ damage or death once their core temperatures exceed 106 degrees. 

Don't Have Access to Wi-Fi?

A common problem in RV parks is the lack of reliable Wi-Fi connection. MarCELL avoids this problem by using its own independent cellular connection to operate. So no matter where your adventures take you, you will always have a proper way to ensure your RV and pets are safe.

Safeguard Your RV With MarCELL

  • Monitor ambient temperature and humidity inside your RV
  • Maintain comfortable living environments for you and your pets
  • Be alerted when power goes out as well as when power is restored
  • Manage power usage for improved energy efficiency

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