Monitoring your RV's environment is critical, even for Those shorter trips away from the vehicle.

MarCELL is a simple system that alerts you if your RV power goes out or the temperature suddenly changes, and can work in remote locations without any internet connection. Imagine the peace of mind while enjoying short outings or even long stays away from your RV.

Right now, if you travel with pets, you worry about leaving them behind in the RV, even for short periods. RVs, like most vehicles, can heat up rapidly if parked without an AC running. External power from RV parks are subject to power glitches and outages and not all RV heating and AC systems will reset themselves correctly in the event of a power issue. When this happens, it can leave pets trapped in a lethal environment.

Protect Your Pets From Heat Exhaustion

Temperatures in a parked RV or van can rise 40 degrees or more in a short period of time. Dogs and cats can suffer irreversible organ damage or death once their core temperatures exceed 106 degrees. Don't let this happen!

An Independent and Reliable Cellular Connection

MarCELL communicates to our servers over the nation's largest cellular network. So no matter where your adventures take you, you have a reliable way to make sure your pets are safe in your RV while you are out exploring. Simply select one of our subscription plans which start at $8.25/month with no long-term contracts required.

No Power? No Problem

MarCELL contains an internal battery backup so it will also let you know the moment power goes out. So if campground supplied power to your RV is lost or a circuit breaker pops, you will receive an instant notification. Then MarCELL will continue to monitor temperature and humidity during the outage as well as let you know when power is restored.