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For many individuals and families, owning a vacation property is a dream come true. The memories created in your cabin in the woods, lakeside cottage, beach house or home-away-from-home are priceless and last a lifetime.

MarCELL was designed with the simple idea that protecting your treasured property in the off season should be affordable and simple.

Just a quick note to tell you that we love our MarCELL unit. It has already saved us at our cabin in rural Northern Wisconsin. If not for MarCELL, we would have frozen pipes and significant damage when our (new) furnace failed.
— Rob L., Homeowner

Did you know…


  • Every year one in six heating systems breakdown due to maintenance issues or loss of power. This can quickly lead to burst pipes and thousands of dollars in water damage.  If no one is home it may be days or even months before the disaster is discovered.

  • Similarly, an air conditioning failure in a Florida condo over the summer months will lead to high temperatures and soaring humidity that can quickly result in toxic mold growth.   This can also cost thousands of dollars to fix.

In the off season, many people rely on sporadic visits from neighbors, paying someone to check their property from time to time or just hope for the best.  

Which is why MarCELL has become the perfect solution for so many seasonal property owners.

MarCELL has received hundreds of positive, 5 star reviews, from seasonal homeowners, because it is the most reliable and powerful system available for monitoring your home’s temperature, humidity and power status while you are away.

Knowing your property is safe, gifts you with a peace of mind.

I work for the Navy and am gone for months at a time so even though I have the house checked weekly, when something goes wrong it happens fast. I got on the computer to check my email (from the middle of the Pacific Ocean) and received low temperature alerts from the MarCELL back home... Everyone who needed to be notified was and by the time I awoke and checked my email, all was taken care of!

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The Cellular Advantage

Many home monitoring systems require a Wi-Fi connection to work for you. MarCELL, instead, uses a built-in cellular connection with battery back-up, making it superior to a Wi-Fi based systems on many levels:

  • Easier set-up (no need to know SSID or password for local Wi-Fi)

  • Continues to operate in a power outage

  • Simple to move (just unplug, take to new location and plug in)

  • Can be used anywhere there is a cellular signal

  • Less expensive to monitor a vacant property or seasonal home -- why pay $35/month for Wi-Fi when no one is there to use it -- MarCELL is as low as $8.25/month and can be turned on and off as needed with no cancellation fees

  • Not susceptible to Wi-Fi hiccups or remote hacking

  • MarCELL offers you a choice of Verizon or AT&T, giving you the best coverage available in North America

Clients Say...


“Finally, I don't have to pay for Wi-Fi all winter at my house in NY to run a power sensor! On top of that, this is so simple to use. I feel a whole lot better about leaving my house for the winter now!”

“We purchased this for our cabin where we don't have a landline or Wi-Fi. It's an easy way to monitor the temperature, humidity and power while we're away. We researched many options, and this seemed to be the simplest and most economical approach. Very happy so far.” —Mary W.


“Great tech support! Unit works great. I have a unit for each house I own. Removes worry in winter for cottage with a furnace with failure history. Now when I travel I can monitor both homes.” —Howard M

“This is the perfect device for monitoring the temperature and humidity remotely to give you an alert before the pipes freeze, causing possibly thousands of dollars of damage. The website is extremely easy to use. I was up and monitoring within 10 minutes!! Great product!” —R.S.


“Easy set up and works exactly as advertised. A great product if you leave your home in the great north woods to go someplace warm in the winter.” —Ron B

“Great product. It's simple to set up and it works as advertised. Could not be more pleased, I highly recommend the MarCELL.” —Gerald B

“Much better than monthly or even weekly inspections of winter homes in Florida. Our complex always has a few people returning to find mold in their homes costing them thousands to repair.” —William A.

“Purchased and installed in 2nd house. Works great...strong signal even from boiler room of house. Good website interface.” —S.O.

“This is a great product! It assures me that I am not in danger of growing mold or mildew in my Florida vacation home when I am not there. If you own a vacation home, you need to buy one of these.” —A.L.