Remote Monitoring Systems

Server Rooms & Data Centers

MarCELL ensures optimal server performance by accurately monitoring the conditions that affect your server rooms’ environment. Be aware of critical changes in temperature and humidity so you can take preventive measures to protect important business operations.

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Monitor What Matters

Safeguard IT Infrastructure

Monitor Server Room Temperature and Humidity

Sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity can indicate issues that you want to know about. Protect server racks and ducts from excessive heat generation, failures in cooling systems and circulation fans by monitoring your server room’s environment with MarCELL.

Avoid Costly Damage to Server Racks & Equipment

In the event that temperature and humidity exceed preset thresholds, or power is lost, MarCELL will notify you immediately with an alert by text, call, or email. Avoid minor threats from causing extensive damage to valuable server equipment.

The Cellular Advantage

Unlike similar Wi-Fi based systems, MarCELL uses its own independent 4G cellular network to transmit data. During power outages, it continues to monitor and report temperature and humidity for up to 48 hours using an integrated backup battery.

Key Features

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