Traveling this summer just got so much easier!

Do you wish you had a reliable way to monitor your RV and pets’ safety, no matter where your adventure takes you?

Monitoring the RV's environment is critical, especially if you travel with pets: you worry about leaving them behind, even for short trips away from the vehicle. RVs, like most vehicles, can heat up rapidly if parked without an AC running. External power from RV parks are subject to power glitches and outages and not all RV heating and AC systems will reset themselves correctly in the event of a power issue

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 “We have finally found a reliable method of monitoring the temperature!” - Mavis the Airsteam


“We use this item in our RV. It gives us peace of mind when we leave our dogs alone” Happy Amazon Customer

MarCELL monitors and records the temperature, power, humidity of your RV or vacation property, all without the use of on-site phone or internet connection

  • Instant notification: Receive custom emails, phone calls and text alerts when conditions are out of safe ranges

  • Simple Set Up: Easy, convenient installation so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation away

  • Protect Your Pets from Heat Exhaustion: Reliable, real-time monitoring that ensures your little ones are always safe and comfortable


The Cellular Advantage

  • Offers an Independent and Reliable Cellular Connection

  • Continues to operate in a power outage

  • Less expensive than monthly Wi-Fi fees.

  • Not susceptible to Wi-Fi hiccups or remote hacking

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