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Proper Compliance Standards for Food Safety

Maintaining proper compliance standards is important to keep food from spoiling and creating valuable waste.

Proper Compliance Standards for Food Safety

Storing food properly is a major safety issue in the food industry. Whether it’s dry storage or cold storage, compliance standards are important to keep food from spoiling, creating waste. MarCELL can help monitor temperatures and humidity, while providing instant alerts ensuring proper food storage conditions.

Dry Storage

Storing foods that do not require cold storage may seem straightforward, however there are important standards to ensure proper food safety.

Make sure to store food at least 6 inches above the floor to prevent rodents, dust and other contamination. For maximum shelf life, 50°F is standard for dry foods, but temperatures up to 70°F are also satisfactory. Proper humidity levels for dry storage fall between 50%-60% in a well ventilated area. While keeping these standards in mind, MarCELL 4G Multisensor can monitor your dry storage and ensure proper temperature and humidity level.


Refrigeration slows the growth of bacteria in certain foods. Compliance in proper refrigeration standards is one way to make sure the food you are serving is safe to consume.

By keeping temperatures at or below 40°F, the risk of growing bacteria is limited. Properly wrapping and labeling food items, and using or discarding them after a week is a necessary food safety measure to keep track of inventory. Monitoring refrigerator temperatures often is another way to ensure food is being stored safely. Utilizing a MarCELL Pro Freeze Alarm will.

Freezer Storage

Similar to refrigeration, freezers are another method of cold storage in the food industry. Keeping your freezer at at least 0°F ensures optimal food safety. Proper ventilation is also a must to keep food safe. Different foods vary in their recommended storage time, so labeling food items with the date will ensure food is not kept frozen for too long. MarCELL Pro Freeze Alarm monitors your freezer temperature to prevent spoilage and waste.

By complying with proper food safety standards, you can ensure the food you’re serving is safe to consume. Invest in MarCELL for peace of mind when storing and preparing food.

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