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FarmCELL is used by farmers to log temperature and humidity in their fields and to also notify them when dangerous temperature conditions arise. 

FarmCELL is an all-in-one solar powered field monitoring solution that measures and reports field temperature and humidity. The setup is simple, with an intuitive interface that allows you and your team to set custom parameters for temperature and humidity ranges. If temperature or humidity exceeds the safe ranges set by you, you (and up to 9 people) will be immediately contacted by your preferred method of phone, text or e-mail.

How it works

  • FarmCell is designed to be placed on a standard 1″ x 2″ garden tomato stake.
  • Using its own built in cellular connection, MarCELL automatically connects to our monitoring services using the AT&T or T-Mobile cellular network.
  • Easy and affordable monthly and annual subscription plans.
  • In the event that temperature and humidity reach critical levels, FarmCELL instantly sends out an alert notification by text, call or email.

FarmCELL: The Cellular Advantage

Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

FarmCELL provides continuous 24/7 monitoring of your farm's environment, so you can leave with peace of mind, knowing that your plants and animals are safe. Historical data is always available and can be easily downloaded through the desktop interface or mobile app, giving you a comprehensive view of your farm's environmental conditions over time.

Instant Alerts Notifications

If there are any issues, FarmCELL sends instant alerts via text, call, or email notification, allowing you to take preventive action to save your animals or crops before it's too late.

4G Cellular-Connected

FarmCELL is cellular-enabled and communicates with 4G LTE AT&T networks, so it continues to operate even during power outages and equipment failures for up to 48 hours. With MarCELL, you can rest assured that your farm environment is always being carefully monitored, keeping your animals and crops safe and healthy.

Put your trust in FarmCELL while away from your farm.

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