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Remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and power. Get real-time alerts by text, call, or email.


$169.00 (15% Off!)


*Requires a subscription plan

Includes all monitoring capabilities of the standard MarCELL plus free instant updates.


$198.00 (5% Off)


*Requires a subscription plan

Includes all monitoring capabilities of the MarCELL Pro plus an external temperature probe.


$208.00 (5% Off)


*Requires a subscription plan

The Benefits of MarCELL

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Dedicated U.S Support

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Your device is backed by a full one-year extended warranty.

MarCELL MarCELL Pro MarCELL PRO Freeze Alarm
Price $179 $189 $189
Subscription As low as $8.25/month As low as $14.95/month As low as $14.95/month
Operating Range 0°F - 100°F 0°F - 100°F -20°F - 120°F
Historic Data Frequency Every 60 Minutes Every 30 Minutes Every 30 Minutes
Text, Email & Phone Call Alerts
Built-in Battery Backup
Real-time Monitoring & Updates
Business Invoicing Capable
Waterproof Temperature Probe

Compare Our Sensors

MarCELL is used to monitor a variety of applications.

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

    • Price
    • Subscription
    • Operating Range
    • Historic Data Frequency
    • Text, Email & Phone Call Alerts
    • Built-in Battery Backup
    • Real-time Alerts
    • Instant Updates
    • Business Invoicing Capable
    • Advanced/Enterprise Permissions
    • Waterproof Temperature Probe
    • MarCELL Multisensor
    • $199
    • As low as $8.25/month
    • 0°F - 100°F
    • Every 60 Minutes
    • MarCELL Pro Multisensor
    • $209
    • As low as $14.95/month
    • -20°F - 120°F
    • Every 30 Minutes
    • MarCELL PRO Freeze Alarm
    • $219
    • As low as $14.95/month
    • -20°F - 120°F
    • Every 30 Minutes

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What Our Customers Say

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Devices connected to the Verizon network can operate in the U.S and Puerto Rico only. We also offer an AT&T version of MarCELL which operates in the U.S as well as Canada.

ALL MarCELLs, even the standard unit, provide real-time, immediate alerts should your temperature or humidity exceed the safe range you set or other alarm conditions are detected. 

The MarCELL Pro uploads current (non-alarm) conditions on a more frequent basis and also includes Instant updates to view data in real-time (up to 20 per month) .  Instant updates are also available with the standard MarCELL for an additional cost. (Sold in bundles of 8 for $2).

Yes. MarCELL is a cellular connected device using Verizon and AT&T networks. Monthly plans for the standard MarCELL start as low as $8.25/month, and $14.95 for the Pro and Freeze Alarm. Views plans here.

No. MarCELL runs on it’s own independent 4G networks. It does not require Wi-Fi, fixed broadband, or an existing phone line.

Assuming you have one HVAC unit (heater/air conditioning unit) in the property being monitored, you would just place MarCELL in one of the rooms serviced by this HVAC unit. If this room is within cellular range, then you know your HVAC system is working.

If you have a larger house, multi-tenant dwelling or large commercial building serviced by multiple HVAC units, you would want to place one MarCELL in every zone.

We’re confident MarCELL will the perfect solution for your needs! In the case that you are unhappy with the device, you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

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