How MarCELL® Works

Preset Trigger Points

Set thresholds for temperature and humidity. Choose between text, call, and email notifications, and update your preferences at anytime.

Begin Monitoring

Plug MarCELL into any standard wall outlet and begin monitoring temperature, humidity, and power in minutes. Data is reported every 8 hours.

Get Alerted Instantly

If temperature and humidity exceed or fall below your desired safe ranges, or power is lost, MarCELL sends instant alert notifications by text, call, or email.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive Remote Interface

Rechargeable Backup Battery

4G Cellular Connection

Customized Alert Notifications

Access Your Data From Anywhere

Our online controls make it easy to set up your MarCELL with custom temperature and humidity ranges, alert messages, notification schedules and more. No complicated keypads or confusing displays. Just point, click and then relax!

Download our free mobile app for easy access.

Avoid Flooding & Water Damage

With the addition of the SPuck water sensor, MarCELL detects leaks and excessive flooding caused by:

  • Frozen and burst pipes
  • Sump pumps
  • Water heaters
  • HVAC issues
  • Plumbing failures

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MarCELL Require a monthly subscription fee?

Yes. MarCELL is cellular connected through Verizon and AT&T networks. Monthly plans start as low as $8.25/month. Views plans here.

Does the MarCELL Require My Cell Phone Plan to Operate?

No. MarCELL runs on it’s own independent 4G networks. It does not require Wi-Fi, fixed broadband, or an existing phone line.

Does MarCELL Report Data During Power Outages?

Yes. MarCELL has an integrated Lithium-ion battery that keeps the device monitoring and reporting for up to 48 hours in the even of power loss.

What Is the Range Between the MarCELL and Spuck?

In an open field with a clear line-of-sight, there is solid communication between a SPuck and a MarCELL of well over 320 feet.

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