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How MarCELL Works

1. Simple Setup

MarCELL can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. During power outages, it runs off an internal battery.

2. Connect to Network

Once powered up, MarCELL immediately connects to the desired 4G cellular network to report data and send alerts.

3. Customize Settings

Set desired thresholds for temperature and humidity alarms.

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Monitor at Anytime, From Anywhere

Historic Data Logging

Use data reports to view temperature and humidity trends over a desired period of time.

Keep Everyone Informed

Include up to 9 different people to receive instant alerts by text, call, or email.

Discover Potential Issues Fast

Noticing spikes in temperature? Losing power often? Determine equipment malfunctions before damage is done.

Customize Your Preferences

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to set up your MarCELL with custom temperature and humidity ranges, alert messages, notification schedules and more.

No complicated keypads or confusing displays. Just point, click, and then relax. Use our app for easy access on-the-go.



Devices connected to the Verizon network can operate in the U.S and Puerto Rico only. We also offer an AT&T version of MarCELL which operates in the U.S as well as Canada. Do not attempt to use MarCELL outside of the geographical area it is intended for as the device will not work and additional roaming charges will apply.

No. Assuming you have one HVAC unit (heater/air conditioning unit) for your house, you would just place MarCELL in one of the rooms serviced by this HVAC unit. If this room is within cellular range, then you know your HVAC system is working. If you have a large house, multi-tenant dwelling or large commercial building serviced by multiple HVAC units, you would want to place one MarCELL in every zone.

Since MarCELL transmits minimal data, even in areas with marginal cellular coverage, a stable and reliable connection can typically be achieved.

Absolutely. If, for example, you are a “snow bird” leaving your Florida condo in May and heading back to your home up north, you will want to move MarCELL to your Florida condo for the off season. Since moving the device is so easy (just unplug the device, press the button on the top of the MarCELL, and then plug it back in), you have two options for this. One would be to have a relative or neighbor unplug the unit and send it to you at the Florida condo so that you can plug it in before you leave. The other option is to wait until you arrive at your northern home and unplug the unit yourself, box it up and send it to a neighbor or your home watch to install in your Florida condo. You can go online and change the temperature and humidity safe ranges to fit the new location as well as modify the notifications if you like. The other option would be to just have two MarCELL units and turn them on or off depending on the season.

MarCELL® uses the largest cellular carriers in North America to provide the widest range of coverage. However, like any cell phone, there may be some places where cellular reception is not particularly strong. Signal strength can also be affected by electrical interference, atmospheric conditions, network traffic, physical obstacles, etc. If your MarCELL® fails to connect, the first thing to try is to move it to a different outlet in the house or structure you want to monitor. Typically higher floors will have better reception than basements, etc. Also, large metal objects (like a refrigerator) could inhibit cellular signals from reaching the device so positioning it near a window may be better for reception. If, after reorienting your MarCELL® and trying different outlets in the structure you want to monitor, you are still unable to connect, please contact our support line.

Your MarCELL constantly monitors its environment for temperature, humidity, power status and water leak alarms. If there is an issue, it reports this immediately. If there is no issue or the status has not changed since the last alarm, MarCELL® simply records the current conditions every hour and uploads this information to the website every 8 hours.
So the information on the “history” page on our website could be up to 8 hours old. Some customers, especially those with pets, wanted a way to immediately get a snapshot of the current conditions. Sensored Life, LLC provides this capability with a feature we call “Instant Update”.
To get the current conditions without waiting for the next update period, you simply select the “Update Now” button on either the dashboard or history screen for your MarCELL.
Within 1 minute, your web account will be updated with the current temperature and humidity status.
There is a small charge for this service of 25 cents per update (sold in packs for 8 for $2). These Instant Updates never expire so if you use 1 now, the remaining 7 can be used at anytime in the future.

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