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Remote RV & Pet Monitoring

Monitoring your RV’s environment is critical, especially if you travel with your beloved pets. MarCELL tracks temperature and humidity inside your RV, in addition to power, and notifies you the moment these conditions become critical to your pet’s safety.

If the generator stops running or A/C systems break, extreme heat and humidity may cause damage to your RV and severe harm to your pet’s health. MarCELL provides peace of mind and careful monitoring of your RV’s environment while you’re away, ensuring your pets are always comfortable and safe.

MarCELL: The Cellular Advantage

Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

Leave your pets behind without worry or concern that something may happen. Historical data is always available and downloadable through the desktop interface or mobile app.

Instant Alerts Notifications

Receive alerts via text, call or email notification and text preventive action to get back to the RV and save your furry friends before it’s too late!

4G Cellular-Connected

MarCELL is cellular-enabled and communicates with 4G AT&T networks to transmit data and send alerts. Unlike similar Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, MarCELL continues to operate during power outages and equipment failures for up to 48 hours.

Put your trust in MarCELL while away from home.

Cellular Monitoring Devices

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