Remote Facility & Warehouse Monitoring

Safeguard valuable inventory from critical fluctuations in temperature and humidity, power outages, and water leaks.

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Key Features

Monitor Valuable Inventory & Equipment Around The Clock

MarCELL Pro carefully monitors and protects temperature-sensitive inventory from spoilage and waste, water damage, mold, and mildew growth.

Receive team wide alerts if temperature and humidity exceed or fall below preset thresholds. This gives you plenty of time to avoid major disaster and loss of high value inventory.

Streamlined Oversight & Data Logging

Measuring temperature and humidity closely is important, but relying on manual checks and outdated paper logging quickly becomes a time-consuming and expensive daily task.

MarCELL Pro is a fully integrated remote monitoring system that offers precise, automated data reports for you to view at anytime. Gain full transparency into your facility’s conditions and take proactive measures to mitigate safety hazards and threats to quality standards.

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