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How MarCELL Is Made In America

MarCELL monitoring systems are proudly designed and built by our team of passionate, expert engineers.

How MarCELL Is Made In America

MarCELL Monitoring Systems are proudly designed and built by our team Discipline on Steroids: How to Boost Your Discipline | Cleverism what is npp steroid royalty pharma prices at top of range in second-biggest pharma ipo ever of passionate, expert engineers right here in Rochester, NY. From assembly to delivery, we ensure quality control throughout every step of the process. You can see our systems being built in-house here. Follow along for further explanation of the assembly process.

Production & Assembly

To assemble the printed circuit board (PCB), first, solder paste is stencil printed on the board. The soldier paste is sticky and allows for the components to be placed on the board later on.

The Inneo+ is a pick and place machine that builds the boards found in MarCELL devices, and the feeders are where the individual components for the PCB are held. To assemble the board, the Inneo+ places components from the feeders onto the PCB. The components stick due to the solder paste, however, if touched, they will move because the solder is still unmelted.

To ensure correct assembly, an engineer inspects the board before the solder is solidified, after which the board moves on to the following stages in the process. Next, the assembled and inspected PCB is put in the oven, allowing the solder to melt, so the components can stick.

The Finished Product

After coming out of the oven, the boards are manually broken apart so they can be placed into the cases; what you know as the MarCELL device.

Our devices are made to protect your treasured assets in a simple and cost-effective way. We take pride in our process and our product’s high quality and consistent reliability.

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