Using MarCELL to Protect K-9’s

It was recently reported that Zena, a K-9 Police dog working in Cocoa, Florida was found dead by her handler when she was left in the back of the police car. Zena was just two years old, and had been Cocoa’s youngest K-9, having been recently certified for work in April of 2021. Her handler had been in a training course at the Criminal Justice Center at Eastern Florida State College, and had left Zena in the car. He discovered what happened when he went to check on her, and she was already dead. 

This heartbreaking story is every dog lover’s and K-9 officer’s worst nightmare. Although the cause of Zena’s death is undetermined at this time, it is not uncommon for animals to suffer in cars due to heat exhaustion and high temperatures. There are safety devices dog owners can put in place to have peace of mind and prevent disaster by monitoring the environment their pet is in when the owners are away. The MarCELL multisensor monitors temperature, humidity, and power, and sends mobile alerts and push notifications when conditions exceed custom programmed levels. By using MarCELL, dog owners can have peace of mind knowing their beloved pups aren’t overheating when they are away. If a temperature malfunction were to take place, the owners would get notified immediately so they can rescue their dogs from any unsafe conditions. 

The MarCELL device can be installed in trucks, RVs and more, and sends data remotely via wireless cellular signal. Conditions can be monitored in real-time on the MarCELL mobile app or intuitive dashboard along with instant alerts whenever conditions are out of range. By using a MarCELL monitoring device, dog-owners can ensure their dog’s safety and help prevent disaster. 

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