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The Benefits of Remote Monitoring Systems

Monitoring devices can provide peace of mind leaving behind pets, and prevent property damage.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring Devices

Whether you have a second home, greenhouse, business, RV, or a beloved pet, having a remote temperature monitoring system set up is an important measure to take when leaving any property unattended for an extended period of time. A remote monitoring device such as MarCELL Multisensor can prevent major damage to property and help keep pets safe from harmful environments.

Instant Alerts

Up to 9 people are able to receive alerts by text, call or email when temperatures or humidity exceed boundaries, and the power goes out. Instant notification helps to prevent unwanted damage due to power, temperature, or water.

Customizable Preferences

No matter the application, MarCELL allows you to customize temperature and humidity ranges requiring an alert. You get to decide how many notifications you receive, and when. Whether you are ensuring the safety of your pup, the temperatures in your greenhouse, or preventing water damage in your home, MarCELL notifies you based on your preferences.

Data Logging

Aside from instant alerts, all historic monitoring data is uploaded to your dashboard every eight hours. Access your data at any time to review your full monitoring history. With an updated subscription plan, you can receive instant updates on the status of all your devices as you choose. As always, MarCELL will always send out instant alerts for any out-of-range detection.

Cellular Connection

Using a remote monitoring device with a cellular connection is a major benefit, and allows you to minotaur from virtually anywhere. MarCELL uses a separate 4G connection to send data and alerts to your desktop or mobile device. A cellular connection allows you to install a MarCELL device anywhere, with no wifi needed. This feature is perfect for RVs that are always on the go as well as second homes that do not have wifi year-round.

Integrated Backup Battery

MarCELL is powered through a wired AC adaptor and is able to be plugged into any wall outlet. In the event of a power outage, the device will run off of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 48 hours. With this feature, you will never have to worry about not receiving data.

A remote monitoring device is a great investment that comes at a small cost compared to the price of damage to your property due to temperature, water, or humidity. The peace of mind of instant alerts and periodic data updates provides transparency when you can’t be around. Consider a MarCELL Multisensor for any application, and visit our FAQ Page for more information.

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