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Remote RV Monitoring

RV & Pet Owners

Monitoring your RV’s environment is critical, especially if you travel with your beloved pets. MarCELL tracks temperature and humidity inside your RV, in addition to power, and notifies you the moment these conditions become critical to your pet’s safety.

Monitor What Matters

Safeguard Your RV & Pets 24/7

Stay In Control While You're Away From the RV

Extreme heat and humidity will cause damage to your RV as well as any valuables inside. For shorter trips away from the vehicle, you can count on MarCELL to carefully monitor your RV’s temperature, humidity, and power.

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Protect Your Pets From Heat Exhaustion

MarCELL alerts you when your pet’s safety and living conditions are comprised by extreme heat, humidity, or loss of power. Have plenty of time to get back to your furry friends and prevent further health complications from lasting heat exposure.

No-Fi? No Problem!

A common issue while traveling in an RV is the lack of reliable Wi-Fi service. MarCELL avoids this problem by using its own independent 4G cellular connection to operate. Wherever your adventures take you, you will always have a reliable way to ensure your RV and pets are being monitored and protected.



Simple Setup

MarCELL is quick and easy to setup so you can begin monitoring in minutes.

4G Cellular Connected

Operates on 4G cellular networks to transmit data and send alerts.

Backup Battery

Continues to monitor and report during power outages for up to 48 hours.

Easy to Use

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