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Buyer’s Guide: RV Camping with Pets

Taking your pets with you in the RV? Follow this pet safety guide to make sure they're comfortable and healthy 100% of the time.

Buyer’s Guide: RV Camping with Pets

There is nothing better than being able to go on vacation and bring your best (furry) friend with you! Camping is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel with your pets all while being able to take them everywhere you go. Read this guide to make sure your RV is pet friendly, and that you have everything you need before you set off on your next trip.

Before You Leave

Before you leave on your trip, there are a few items that are necessary to bring to create a safe environment for your pet while on the road.

Make sure you pack extra food and clean water. You never know what can happen on the road, and should always be prepared to be away from home longer than expected. Extra bottled water is a must not only for you but for your pet as well.

Every pet owner’s worst fear is losing their best friend, especially in an unfamiliar environment. If this were to happen, it is best to be prepared. Bring along a printed photo or two of your pet, just in case they run away. A visible pet identification tag like this one from GoTags can signal that your pet is microchipped. Make sure to include your city and state on your pet’s tag if you plan on traveling far away.

While On the Road

While traveling, it is best to make sure your pet is secured in the vehicle. If you are traveling with a fifth wheel or trailer, your pet must stay in the truck with you. If you have a motorhome, make sure to create a space for your pet to travel in. It may be in their crate, or secured in a seat with a harness seat belt; wherever they are most comfortable. It is not safe to let them roam around the RV, as they can be a distraction to the driver, or get seriously hurt if you were to get in an accident. These pet seat belts from Chewy buckle into your car’s seat belt and attach to your pet’s harness. They also include an elastic bungee band in case of hard stops.

On long trips, keeping your pet active is important. Bathroom and water breaks every couple hours are a must, a well as budgeting time in your travels to stop and exercise your pet. These collapsible food and water bowls from Amazon are great for on-the-go feeding.

At the Campground

Spending as much time as possible with your pet is important to keep them active. However, there are times when your furry friend can’t come with you and must stay at the campsite. Be aware of extreme temperatures, as heat exhaustion can be a threat to your pet’s health.

Investing in MarCELL gives you peace of mind when you leave your pet behind. Check the temperature in your RV to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable, and get instant alerts when the temperature exceeds your custom parameters.


Bringing your pets on your travels can be one of the best ways to spend time with them. Not only will they enjoy themselves, but you won’t have the added cost of a kennel bill when you come back home. While on the road, MarCELL keeps your pets safe by alerting you of an issue when your furry friends can’t. Taking the proper precautions will ensure safe travels and a stress-free trip for you and your pet.

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