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RVing With Pets: What You Need to Know

Are you capable of seeing the world through your pet’s eyes?

It’s summertime. Your owner takes your bed mat and places it inside the RV. 

Then they fasten your collar around your neck in the RV as you wait for them to pack The RV is hot, but you’re trained not to bark so you can’t get their attention unless they are in danger. 

You breathe with your mouth open to stay cool but the temperature keeps rising…

Unfortunately, many dogs and other pets face these heated situations every summer. And during the winter they experience the exact opposite as they strive to stay as warm as possible. 

If YOU want to be comfortable in your RV, what are you doing to make your pets comfortable? 

High Humidity v.s Your Health

Sharing Adventures With Those Who Love You Unconditionally


There’s nothing greater than sharing your adventures with a 4 legged friend that love’s your very presence. But how can you, as a responsible pet owner, show love back?

One way is by providing them with everything they need to thrive, as we would do with our children. Where should you begin when making a checklist?

1) A kennel and bed mat – This will vary depending on the type of animal that tags along with you, but ensure that they have a comfortable place to sleep whether that be a cage, tank, kennel, or bed.

2) Food & Water – It’s wise to bring enough for the whole trip! It’s better to have too much water than too little.

3) Medicine – Speak with your veterinarian before giving your furry companion any medication. And keep in mind that there are medications that help reduce anxiety so that your pet can travel stress-free.

4) Toys – Pets are playful and need that kind of stimulation to enjoy themselves. If you’re traveling and packing toys & electronics for your children, don’t forget about your pet’s favorite toys! These are optimal for fun or training.

5) A leash & collar – Staying up-to-date on leash laws is important before traveling. But also bringing a leash “just in case” is a way to prevent your dog from getting into trouble.

6) Shampoo for pests (ticks & fleas) – Because there’s nothing worse than finding one on your dog after a long day at campgrounds with no showers nearby!

7) Passport & vaccination papers – If you need identification  then there’s a chance your friend with paws might need it too.

8) Treats – Because who doesn’t love treats? Use treats to reward your pet when they exhibit  good behavior. Or when you’re on the go outside of your RV and don’t have food with you, treats save the day.

9) Travel bowls – Bring TWO! One for food and one for water.

10) Waste bags – There’s nothing worse than your pet having an accident inside of your vehicle and nothing to pick it up with. Or when you’re going on a walk and they use the bathroom on the road, you need to have something to pick it up with to avoid getting a fine.

These items make your trip comfortable for your pet so they have all of the comforts of home.  Simple, right?

Yes! It’s easy to keep your pets comfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone takes great care of their pets as they should

High Humidity v.s Your Health

(Heart) Breaking News!


Dogs specialize in panting, which is their primary way of cooling down since they cannot sweat. 

As dogs age, they may have a harder time regulating their body temperature and may begin to overheat easily. This can be especially dangerous in the summer months or if you’re exercising your dog in hot weather.

It’s important that you know how to tell if your dog is overheating and how to help them cool down.

In June 2021, an officer left a 2-year-old K9 police dog in his car for over 4 hours. Temperatures were reaching 90 degrees as Zena, the dog, passed away in the back of the car. According to PETA, “Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes… 

And on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 109 degrees in just 10 minutes.” 

Just like a car, your recreational vehicle can also overheat and turn into an accidental oven.

In an article written by Dr. Katy Nelson, she states, “On average, 38 children and HUNDREDS of pets die each year from being left in a hot car.” These situations are almost always preventable. What can you do to make your RV safer for your pets? 

Making Your RV Safer For Your Pets


An RV is your home away from home—but it can become a sauna or a freezer, especially if you have pets. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between keeping your fur babies comfortable or managing a steady temperature in your RV. 

Here are 3 ways to keep and monitor your pet’s comfort:

1) Space Management

Make sure that there’s enough space for your pet inside so that they can move freely without being restricted. If necessary, remove any items that might cause injury if they were to fall off during your road trip. Or fasten & secure them.

2) Be Mindful and Informed –

You are responsible for your pet. Know what temperature’s it thrives in and what temperatures it dies in. A dog’s normal temperature is 101-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit & a cat’s average temperature is 100.4 – 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a bird’s body temperature typically falls between 100 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit. And this will vary from animal to animal.

Depending on the breed it’s important to know how fast your animal overheats or freezes. For example, dogs with flat faces and shorter noses can’t cool off as effectively as dogs with longer noses.

3) Monitor –

You’re probably familiar with the unique challenges that come with RVing with your four-legged friend. It’s hard to leave your RV & your pet unattended without worrying about one losing power & the other losing its life. Hence why monitors are there to keep things under control while you’re away. The only problem with most monitors is that they operate on wifi & when there’s a power outage they no longer function. This is where Marcell “enters the chat”. 

Meet MarCELL

MarCELL is a fully comprehensive monitor that updates you on your RV’s vitals. In turn, you can rest knowing that your pet is safe. It keeps tabs on everything from temperature, humidity, and power outages and sends advance notifications to prevent potential problems. And unlike classical monitors, MarCELL is connected to a cellular network instead of wifi. This results in more protection in the following ways

Round-the-clock Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring which is viewable through our mobile app or desktop. Allowing you to be away without worries.

4G Connection – MarCELL sits at the top of the evolutionary chain of monitors by not being wifi based. Our system works for up to 48 hours following power outages because of its connection to AT&T’s network.

Timely Notifications – Alerts are instantly sent out to help you get back to your RV in time in case of emergency. You can get texts, emails, or calls to ensure that you’re reached in time to get back to your RV.

What makes MarCELL a paragon is that it allows you to connect up to 9 different people to receive notifications!

Are you interested in learning more about MarCELL? Read this article to learn how it works → https://www.meetmarcell.com/howitworks/ and check out our FAQs here → https://www.meetmarcell.com/faqs/ 

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