Remote Second Home Monitoring

Remote Monitoring For Seasonal Homes

While you’re away for the season, MarCELL carefully monitors your home’s environment for sudden changes in temperature and humidity, power loss, and water leaks. High temperature and humidity in the warm summer months may lead to excess moisture, toxic mold and mildew growth. During winter months, freezing conditions can result in burst pipes and thousands of dollars in water damage.

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  • Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

    Reduce damage to your treasured investments with around the clock temperature and power monitoring by MarCELL. Historical data is always available and downloadable through the desktop interface or mobile app.
  • Instant Alerts Notifications

    Receive alerts via text, call or email notification and text preventive action before damage is done to your home and assets. Choose up to 9 different family members or neighbors to receive alerts so everyone is aware.
  • 4G Cellular-Connected

    MarCELL is cellular-enabled and communicates with 4G AT&T networks to transmit data and send alerts. Unlike similar Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, MarCELL continues to operate during power outages and equipment failures for up to 48 hours.

Put your trust in MarCELL while away from home.

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Cellular Monitoring Devices

MarCELL 4G Multisensor

MarCELL M2 Multisensor

  • Measures temperature, humidity & power
  • Includes an extended temperature probe
  • Alerts via text, call or email
  • 4G Cellular-connected

Price: $169.00 + subscription

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MarCELL Pro Multisensor

  • Measures temperature, humidity & power
  • Includes enhanced reporting and updating
  • Alerts via text, call or email
  • 4G Cellular-connected

Price: $198.00 + subscription

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With hundreds of properties to monitor, our favorite feature with MarCELL is that it will alert us if any of our homes’ temperatures and humidity reach a low threshold

Interlake Homeowners Association, Property Manager

The MarCELL has given me 100% peace of mind when it comes to leaving my pups in the RV on a hot day. I don’t have to think about it – it simply alerts me if the temperature has gone over my set limit

Camp Addict, RV Traveler

MarCELL has already saved us at our cabin in rural Northern Wisconsin. We are unable to get wireless or landline communications, so MarCELL was a perfect option.

Rob L., Homeowner