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Prepping Your Southern Home Before Summer

Everything you need to know before leaving your southern home for the summer.

Prepping Your Southern Home Before Leaving For the Summer

During the months of April, May and June, snowbirds move back up north for the summer to get away from the stifling heat of summer in the south. Preparing a southern home for summer requires its own set of precautions to make sure it’s ready for move-in in the fall.

Indoor Preparation

Set the air conditioner to about 78º-80ºF. This temperature will allow air to continue to flow through the house and keep the system running, but it will not overwork the system when the house is not occupied. Continuous air flow helps avoid damages due to mold and/or humidity especially in hot, humid climates. Closing the blinds and curtains will also help keep temperatures down in the summer.

Unplug unnecessary electronics. Televisions, appliances and phones do not need to be left plugged in in a vacant home. Leaving them unplugged prevents damage caused by lightning on electrical equipment. Installing surge protectors for items left plugged in is a good safety precaution.

Consider installing smart home lights that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device. Keeping lights on a timer gives the impression that a home is occupied when no one is there.

Outdoor Preparation

Clean up your outdoor space by storing any outdoor furniture or appliances. If applicable, have a plan for pool maintenance when leaving.

Keeping the exterior of a home in good condition will not only maintain it’s cub appeal, but it will give the impression that a home is occupied. If an HOA does not take care of outdoor landscaping, hire a landscaping service to do so.


  • At least 10 days before departing, make sure to forward mail and any other regular deliveries to your alternate address.
  • Discontinue services such as internet, cable and any other subscriptions that will not be used.
  • Install a MarCELL Monitoring Device to keep tabs on the temperature, humidity, and power at all times.

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