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Cellular vs Wi-Fi Devices. Which Is Better?

Cellular-enabled monitoring devices are more reliable and secure when it comes to storing and protecting your data.

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MarCELL monitoring devices report data Swiss pharma giant says it’s ‘too soon’ to know whether malaria drug could be coronavirus treatment anabolic steroid sales anabolic steroids in marathi, anabolic steroids uk – slot88: daftar situs judi slot 88 online terpercaya and send alerts through AT&T and Verizon 4G networks. Operating on a cellular connection has an advantage over WiFi, as many other monitoring devices on the market rely on a WiFi connection to send alerts and report data. Not only is cellular more consistent and reliable, but it also provides better security compared to WiFi-enabled devices.

Consistent Connection

Because the MarCELL uses a cellular connection instead of WiFi, the device can be trusted and used in areas where WiFi is unavailable. This means 2nd homes without WiFi during off-seasons, as well as RVs without WiFi can be monitored year-round, with complete peace of mind. MarCELL is just as consistent as the data provider you choose (which does not have to be the same as your cell phone provider).

Verizon and AT&T are both trusted providers throughout the United States, however depending on your needs, one may operate better in your area. For example, if you plan on using MarCELL in Canada, AT&T is required. Nevertheless, our cellular services are reliable nationwide.

Safety & Security

A cellular connection is known to be more secure than WiFi, providing better protection for your data and personal information. Because there are different types of WiFi networks, they can each vary when it comes to security. Some open public networks are vulnerable when it comes to hackers having the ability to intercept your information because all WiFi networks are not secure in the same way. However, 4G is always encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to personal information.

This story from Interesting Engineering illustrates how a Casino’s database was hacked through a smart thermometer in one of the fishtanks, gaining access into their network and finding the high-roller database. The article explains how many Internet of Things devices (devices that allow data to be exchanged over the internet) can be less secure, and able to be accessed through factory default passwords. Devices include robot vacuum cleaners, virtual personal assistants, as well as smartphone applications used to monitor household devices, all being accessed through a WiFi connection.

In this day and age where most offices and homes have many smart devices, it is important to make sure that your privacy is ensured. MarCELL exclusively uses a 4G connection to transmit data so you never have to worry about a breach of privacy.

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