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Best Apps For RV Friendly Gas Stations

RVs, smartphones, and apps go hand in hand. Ever since the technology concurs with RVers, campers travel with either a tablet or a smartphone. These days, apps are used to simplify and enhance their RV journey. If you love apps for your RV, have you ever thought what’s the best app for RV friendly gas stations?

In this article, we’ll discuss not just apps for RV friendly gas stations but apps that make the lives RV owners easier. There are many things to consider before pulling a stop into any gas stations. I will cover some tips to help your travel goes much smoother.

Sani Dumps

This app provides a convenient place to dump RVers holding tanks. The app displays a simple map that allows the RVers to find the nearest dump location tagged with information about contact info, hours, and price.

Here are some best features of Sani Dumps:

  1. While on the road, search for the nearest RV dump station from your current location.
  2. Results are displayed via Google Maps
  3. Up-to-date information about RV dump locations
  4. Customize and save offline your favorite dump stations
  5. Google Directions provide turn by turn direction from your current course
  6. Distance is shown in mile or kilometers
  7. Easy to use
  8. Innovative design and settings

GPS Co-Pilot

This free app offers the most updated offline map compared to other GPS location apps. It also loads thousands of points of interest for RVers looking for nearby places such as restaurants, gas stations, and ATMs even without or with a data connection. Additionally, you can search on Google and Yelp to look for hotels and RV parks. If you upgrade to the paid version, this app regularly updates the map and live traffic.

Here are some extra features of GPS Co-Pilot:

  1. Car and truck navigation
  2. Offers alternate routes
  3. RV navigation
  4. Customize and save preloaded RV parks and campgrounds
  5. Capture real-time traffic
  6. Driver-friendly
  7. Voice-activated guidance

Weather Radio

If ever you get stranded during a storm, this weather app keeps up to date and alerts RVers for the latest storm news. Weather Radio offers a radar map that keeps travelers informed and safe. It features all types of weather conditions and allows RVers to receive current weather forecasts.

Weather Radio top features:

  1. Offers temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  2. Access to almost 172 Weather Forecast Offices
  3. Zoomable and covers a broad location
  4. Available weather radio broadcasts
  5. Weather alert push notifications
  6. Statewide warnings and advisories
  7. Innovative display graphics

Gas Buddy

This app helps users to create a checklist or what-to-do list and alerts the user automatically. RV checklist helps RVers to remember essential things to have a safe journey. You can easily customize the features, and the graphics are highly intuitive.

Gas Buddy features:

  1. Locates the lowest priced gas near your area
  2. Filter search results by location, price, and restrooms
  3. Receive price hike alerts
  4. Find best deals from local convenience stores
  5. Automatic notifications
  6. Earn points by completing daily challenges
  7. Find pit stop wherever you are

RV Checklist

This app helps users to create a checklist or what-to-do list and alerts the user automatically. RV checklist helps RVers to remember essential things to have a safe journey. You can easily customize the features, and the graphics are highly intuitive.

Best features of RV Checklist:

  1. Pre-populate checklists
  2. Track your progress
  3. Share checklist with other family members
  4. Restore and backup checklists
  5. Notifies user when the list is complete
  6. Simple to use

Pilot Flying J

This app is made for frequent travelers and RVers who are looking to the best fuel prices. The app also allows its user to reserve parking and updates the RVers for the next truck stop location. Pilot Flying J comes in handy for RVers looking for repair shops doing some light duty RV or truck works.

Pilot Flying J best features:

  1. The trip planner allows you to find your route
  2. Filter location by fuel type, parking availability and restaurants
  3. Receive exclusive offers like free drinks or meal
  4. myRewards tracks balance and saving points
  5. Redeem your discounts
  6. Mobile fueling
  7. Parking reservations

Important Things To Remember When Traveling

The apps mentioned above offer a lot of functionality and usefulness for RVers. However, these apps are just the first step into helping your RV journey to run smoothly and efficiently. The best app for RV friendly gas stations offers more than convenience, so we listed some tips to remember when traveling.

Tips to remember when using the best app for RV:

  • Price and convenience
  • Safety and scope of the location
  • Prepare a plan in advance
  • Check the tire’s rating, canopy height, and available food supplies
  • Savings

Keep in mind that these apps are just there to help out and make your life worried-free. However, it’s best if you remember the important things when traveling, as unexpected things may happen along your journey.

Final Thoughts

Traveling the country through RV is one way to see the unique sites of each state, and the advancement in technology has made this living more comfortable compared to the early days. Smartphone apps help RVers to guide their way, whether they are looking for the closest Walmart or the nearest national park. With technology today, you are committed to using one of these apps on your RV adventure.

Though a smartphone app isn’t a priority for most campers, it can make your trip enjoyable. Use the list of the best app for RV friendly gas stations to make your next RV journey the best to remember.

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