Meet MarCELL

MarCELL protects your valued property by remotely tracking temperature, humidity, power, and water leaks all at the same time. Using a built-in reliable cellular network, MarCELL alerts you via custom real-time phone calls, emails and texts if conditions move out of safe ranges.

Peace of Mind for Only $199!


MarCELL is the most reliable solution for monitoring what matters. 


MarCELL can be plugged into
any standard outlet with an integrated back-up battery in case of power outages.


MarCELL continuously monitors temperature, humidity, power, and water leaks so you’ll know exactly when an issue occurs.


If there’s a problem, you immediately receive a text, email, or phone call —
allowing you to reliably monitor from anywhere, at anytime.

Who We Help


MarCELL provides peace of mind for Seasonal Homeowners, RV Adventurers, Property Managers, Marinas, Paramedics, Wine Collectors, and So Much More!



The Cellular Advantage

Many home monitoring systems rely on a Wi-Fi connection to monitor the environment for you. MarCELL is Cellular connected with battery backup, making it superior to a Wi-Fi based system for many reasons:

  • Less expensive than monthly Wi-Fi fees.

  • Continues to operate in a power outage

  • Can be used anywhere there is a cellular signal

  • Not susceptible to Wi-Fi hiccups or remote hacking

  • Simple to move - just unplug, take to new location and plug in

  • Easier set-up - no need to know SSID or password for local Wi-Fi