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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes & Water Damage

Why are Texans experiencing frozen and burst pipes resulting in thousands of dollars in property damage?

Why Do Water Pipes Freeze, and How Can You Prevent it?

Why are Texans experiencing frozen and broken water pipes? Water pipes are susceptible to freezing when they aren’t insulated properly and are exposed to extreme temperatures. When water freezes and turns to ice, this causes pressure on the pipes and risks bursting.

If pipes are properly insulated, they are less likely to break. Rooms with outside walls and other less-insulated spaces such as basements, attics, and garages are more at risk for frozen pipes.

One of the reasons many Texans are experiencing water damage and bursting pipes is due to the fact that the state is getting uncharacteristically cold weather. Many houses and buildings were not built with insulation to withstand freezing temperatures for extended periods of time.

If You Have Frozen Pipes

To detect a frozen pipe, turn on a faucet and check the water pressure. If water is not flowing normally, you may have a frozen pipe. If your pipes are frozen, turn off your water main to avoid flow into your house. Once your water main is off, open your bathtub faucet to create a path for water to drain once your pipes thaw.

If you think a pipe burst due to frozen pipes, make sure your water main is off and call a plumber. If a broken pipe is not handled properly, it can cost you thousands of dollars and major water damage to your home. If your pipes froze and you aren’t sure if they are damaged, call a plumber to assess and prevent any further damage.

How to Prevent Frozen and Broken Pipes

Drip water in all your faucets to keep water moving through your pipes and prevent freezing.

Keep your house warm. If necessary, use space heaters in especially cold rooms, and do not drop your thermostat at night time. Keep your house above 55 degrees at all times.

Open cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Doing so lets more warm air circulate, especially around exposed pipes.

Ensure your windows and doors are sealed properly. If you can feel cold air coming from them, block any seals with blankets and curtains.

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