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Beginner’s Guide to Greenhouse Gardening

Use these tips to learn how to build your own greenhouse, and start gardening year round!

A Beginner’s Guide to Greenhouse Gardening


Decide What Type of Greenhouse to Build

Freestanding Greenhouses are not attached to another building and stand on their own on a property. They are generally large and sturdy, with sun exposure.

Attached Greenhouses share one wall with another existing structure. These greenhouses are often attached to a home in DIY settings. Because of the sturdiness of the fourth wall, the other three walls do not have to be as sturdy, making this a very cost-effective option for a beginner.

Deciding to build from scratch or by using a kit is another decision you must make. Greenhouse kits provide standard materials for a set size. Opting for a DIY greenhouse provides you with more flexibility on size and materials.

Choosing Your Plants

Choosing plants that are easy to grow and less temperamental will be best for greenhouse beginners. Good choices include leafy greens, root vegetables, and more:


Finding Accessories

Including the right accessories in your greenhouse will help ensure the best conditions for your plants as well as creating the most practical space for you.

Including the proper shelving is a must. Slotted shelving is best to allow for water drainage. Make sure the materials you use are rot and rust-resistant since they will be exposed to lots of moisture.

Shade cloths may be necessary for hot climates to protect your greenhouse from too much sun. This is a cost-effective option to help keep the greenhouse temperature steady year-round.

Proper environment conditions is one of the most important factors in ensuring healthy plants. Use a MarCELL Multisensor to remotely monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse, small or large.


Take your gardening to the next step by planting year-round in a controlled greenhouse. Investing in a greenhouse does not have to be complicated, choosing the best methods and tools for you can be as simple and cost-effective as desired.

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