MarCELL Partners with Tel-Tru

Tel-Tru (, a leader in the industrial thermometer market, and Sensored Life (, producer of MarCELL branded cellular multi-sensors are announcing a partnership in creating the MarCELL NIST.  The MarCELL adds NIST-certified remote temperature and power monitoring for industrial and medical applications.  Tel-Tru’s 105-year history manufacturing robust and reliable temperature sensing equipment combined with MarCELL’s robust remote monitoring system are combined to create a device that can be used in a wide variety of regulated logistics, food service, and medical settings. 

By fully digitizing a Tel-Tru thermometer the MarCELL NIST enables expanded capabilities. Features include real-time alerts, accessible historical analytics via an online dashboard, and a secure 4G connection allow for integrated monitoring accessible to remote users, digitizing the once-manual data logging process. The MarCELL NIST is the digital solution to the labor-intensive manual logging processes, optimizing productivity and accuracy while providing real-time alerts when error conditions occur.  More industries are requiring traceable and accurate temperature and power status information.  The MarCELL can meet this need while also allowing a secure online portal for user access.

 The MarCELL NIST is available for purchase starting August 1st 2021, engineering samples are available immediately.

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