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What Are NIST Traceable Devices?

Invest in a NIST certified MarCELL temperature monitor to ensure operational efficiency in food service, healthcare, and logistics applications.

What Are NIST Traceable Devices?

The National Institute of Standards and technology is a government agency that establishes accuracy metrics for systems of measurement while implementing ways to approve consistent compliance in measurement devices. MarCELL NIST certified devices satisfy the accuracy requirements defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our temperature sensors are intended for commercial, industrial, medical, and logistics industries that require precision tracking and monitoring around the clock.

Tel-Tru Partnership:

The MarCELL NIST temperature probe is manufactured by our temperature measurement partner Tel-Tru (www.teltru.com). The probe is tested in Tel-Tru’s ISO 9000 certified facility and a NIST traceable certificate is issued for each MarCELL probe. The certificate is valid for 25 months and all expiring probes are replaced for free upon subscription renewal. You can learn more about the partnership here with Tel-Tru here.


Measures Temperatures as high as 150ºC and as low as -55ºC

  • ±0.1°C (maximum) from –20°C to 50°C
  • ±0.15°C (maximum) from –40°C to 70°C
  • ±0.2°C (maximum) from –40°C to 100°C
  • ±0.25°C (maximum) from –55°C to 125°C
  • ±0.3°C (maximum) from –55°C to 150°C


Data Logging

Data is logged every five minutes, with reports every hour when systems are working properly. Historical data is always available and downloadable through the desktop interface or mobile app. If the temperature is out of range, or a power outage occurs, up to nine team members will receive a push notification or alert by text, phone, or email.

MarCELL NIST is now available for purchase directly on our site here, or by contacting our sales department at sales@sensoredlife.com.

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