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Seasonal Homeowners

"We love our MarCELL unit. It has already saved us at our cabin in rural Northern Wisconsin. If not for MarCELL, we would have frozen pipes and significant damage when our (new) furnace failed."


RV Adventurers

“We’ve traveled with our dog, Riley, all over the country in our Airstream. We had been searching for a good solution to monitor the temperature when we needed to leave Riley behind in the RV.”


Property Managers

“With hundreds of properties to monitor, our favorite feature with MarCELL is that it will alert us if any of our homes’ temperatures reach a low threshold.”


And More...

There are many types of property that can be protected by MarCELL’s 24/7 temperature, humidity, power monitoring; and owners have found the small investment is more than worth the peace of mind in knowing their valued asset is safe.