Wine Cellar Monitoring

4G Cellular Multisensor

Consistent temperature and humidity monitoring is key to protecting and sustaining your valuable wine collection long-term. 

Protect & Preserve Your Fine Wines

Ensure Temperature and Humidity Stability

Maintaining stable environments within your storage cellar is the most important factor in preserving wine quality. 

If temperature and humidity fluctuates just a few degrees too high or low, your wines can be compromised and age prematurely.

Monitor Wine Cellar Environments

MarCELL is a remote monitoring solution that measures ambient temperature, humidity, and moisture accumulation in your wine cellar.

If these conditions reach critical levels that threaten to your wine inventory, MarCELL sends an instant alert by text, call, or email so you can prevent lasting damage to your collection.



Alert Notifications

Choose up to 9 people to receive alerts by text, call or email.

Intuitive Dashboard

Set trigger points, view data, and customize your preferences.

Backup Battery

Monitors during power outages for up to 48 hours.

Easy To Use

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