MarCELL for Wine Cellars

Protect Your Valuable Wine Collection

Consistent temperature and humidity monitoring is key to protecting your valuable wine collection. MarCELL helps you keep tabs on your wine cellar’s environment and notifies you when temperature and humidity conditions exceed or fall below the ranges you set.

Ensure Temperature and Humidity Stability

Temperature and humidity stability is the most important factor in preserving wine quality. Even if the temperature fluctuates up or down only several degrees, wines can be compromised and may age prematurely.

Monitor Wine Storage Environments

MarCELL is a cellular based solution that monitors temperature, humidity, and moisture accumulation in your wine cellar. It protects your wine collection around the clock and sends an instant alert by text, call, or email in the event of an issue. 

Safeguard Your Wine Collection

  • Monitor wine cellar temperature, humidity, and power status
  • Maintain ideal conditions for proper wine storage
  • Know when power outages and equipment failures affect your wine collection
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